Whether you’re looking for a spectacular statement piece, or something more subtle, our pendants and necklaces are for every occasion. Crafted from Sterling Silver and handmade here in our Glasgow workshop we blend traditional Celtic art with contemporary Scottish design. Many of our designs are set with exquisite, semi-precious stones – and radiate classic elegance with a contemporary twist.

Our Celtic pendants and necklaces are the perfect way to add a touch of glamour to your daily ensemble, dazzle at a dinner party or sparkle for a special occasion.

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Stag Necklace
$120.00 $150.00
Islay Celtic Knot Pendant
From $85.00 $113.00
Oxna Celtic Pendant
$105.00 $131.00
Seil Celtic Pendant
$110.00 $138.00
Celtic Necklet
$125.00 $156.00