Our story

Celtic Art Industries originated in Glasgow in 1945 and started producing work inspired by the Celtic designs of Alexander Ritchie and set out to revive the art of the Scottish silversmith. Celtic Art Industries employed several silversmiths who went on to become well known in their own right; Iain MacCormick, Malachy Gormley and John Hart.

Over the subsequent years Celtic Art underwent many changes including relocating to the ‘New Town’ of East Kilbride and becoming Celtic Art Ltd as we are known today. Andy Hynd who trained at Celtic Art Industries under Malachy Gormley in 1964 took over the company in 1974 and ran it until his retirement in 2009. The business is now run by his children, Jennifer & Philip. 

We are very proud that Celtic Art Limited is a second generation family business.

Made in Scotland

We have been handcrafting jewellery for over 75 years and have accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise in our field. We are committed to continue manufacturing in Scotland and keeping alive the crafts and skills we have been so proud to inherit.

Each and every item is made here in our premises from initial design sketch to finished piece. We incorporate traditional methods with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to create high quality, hand crafted Sterling Silver and Pewter jewellery as well as undertaking bespoke and corporate commissions.

We use only the finest quality materials to ensure that each Celtic Art piece will become an heirloom which can be passed onto future generations.


Celtic Art's aim is to build a brand of trust and build upon the excellence of design and craftsmanship for which we are renowned. We operate with transparency to develop functional, aesthetically beautiful, ethically and sustainably made products which are made to withstand the test of time through excellent craftsmanship and by only using the highest quality materials. 

We price our pieces fairly and competitively. The quality and craftsmanship which goes in to every stage of our process does come at a cost. However, we hope you will agree, that a Celtic Art piece continues to deliver over time, it's value far surpassing those products which are made with poor working conditions and compensation for their workers. 

We never inflate our prices to account for excessive margins, instead, we want to make our products as accessible as possible for our customers.

Environment & Sustainability

We are committed to ensuring that we are as environmentally responsible and ethical as possible. We know we can do better, so we review and update policies where and when improvements can be made.

We source our Sterling Silver and other precious metals from suppliers who are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council which is committed to creating a responsible worldwide supply chain that promotes trust in our industry.

Our Pewter is sourced from a member of the ITRI, the global tin trade association, which leads the tin supply chain initiative making sure that all tin used is conflict free. Further to this all the tin we use is secondary material, meaning that it is made either from waste or other processed metals.

All of the wood used in our Sgian Dubhs is sourced responsibly from suppliers who obtain timber and timber products from legal and responsibly managed sources.

We ensure that all gemstones used in our designs are certified conflict free.

We recycle all of the materials used in processes as far as possible, scrap metals are re-melted and used in the production of other goods. Any metal which cannot be reused by us is sent for refining and is re-entered into the supply chain.

We use our due diligence as far as we can to ensure that all of our supply chain is ethical and responsible.