The Bespoke Process

The Bespoke Process

Step 1 - Consultation

The process of having bespoke jewellery made begins with an initial chat in person, by phone or email. We will talk through your ideas and inspiration and can offer suggestions based on this. You may already have a clear idea in mind, or may want guidance on design and materials. Think about what design styles you like and feel free to bring some images for inspiration.

Step 2 - Budget

Please let us know if you have a budget in mind and we will design within your requirements and recommend designs, materials and gemstones accordingly.

If you don’t have a clear budget in mind we will guide you through the options and advise you on the cost of various designs and gemstones to help you make a decision. We will stick to your budget, not try to push it upwards. We believe design is about finding the perfect solution for the individual within what they are comfortable paying.

Step 3 - The Design

The next step is to refine the ideas into a series of designs for you to choose from. To do this we will usually sketch on paper and may also make models in our CAD software.

You will be closely involved throughout this process and the designs may evolve through several iterations before the final design is reached. If you are not local and unable to attend in person we will email sketches and photographs to guide you through the design process. We work with clients remotely in this way. 

We can source diamonds and coloured gemstones to suit your requirements and budget. Our gemstones are sourced from trusted suppliers in the UK and we only use diamonds and stones that are conflict-free.

Once the design has been agreed we will take a non-refundable deposit (usually 50%) before making begins.

Step 4 - Making your design

Depending on the design, making your bespoke piece of jewellery may involve processes such as carving in wax, casting or hand fabricating.

Each piece of our jewellery is designed and made to the highest standards, ensuring that your jewellery will last for generations.