A Guide to Ring Sizing

A Guide to Ring Sizing

The size of your fingers fluctuates over time and even from morning to night which can make it hard to determine your ring size. Changes in temperature are one of the biggest factors that will change the size of your fingers.

It can be even more complicated to get the correct ring size if the recipient doesn’t know it is being made for them. The most accurate way to determine your or your partners ring size is to have your finger measured by a jeweller, but as this isn't always possible there are a few methods you can use to estimate your ring size at home. 

Print out our ring size guide at home and compare your existing jewellery or use the sizer for an approximate size. Ensure to print out at actual size and not 'fit to page'.

Use a ruler. Place a ring on a ruler and take a picture where the ruler shows the inside diameter at the widest point or simply make a note of the measurement. This is a simple method but gives us a good chance of sizing your ring correctly the first time around. 

If you are trying to determine a partners ring size but don't want to give the game away you can try to find a ring which they wear on the correct finger, and  ‘borrow’ their ring for a short period to get the size. The most accurate way is to make a trip to a local jeweller who will be able to size the ring. You can also try taking some kind of impression of a ring. This could be done very carefully using a pencil to draw out the interior of their ring. Or you could also try using a tapered candle as a ring sizer. Try putting their ring on a candle; push it down slightly when the ring fits on snugly, leaving a slight impression to give the size. 

When ordering your new ring, always consider the ring's width as this can impact on the ring size. The wider it is, the more surface area will be in contact with your finger and the tighter it will feel.

Please note, these measurements are for guidance only. As well as differences in finger sizes, people have their own preferences on how loose or tight to wear a ring. As always, please get in touch if you need any further advice.