La10 Designer Jewellery is handcrafted in Scotland by Celtic Art Ltd. The name La10 is a play on the “La Tène” period, a movement which flourished throughout Iron Age Europe and became known as the pinnacle of Celtic art and Design, La10 strives to be at the pinnacle of modern design. With collections taking influences from both old and new and fusing these together, La10 produces jewellery that is contemporary, elegant and exciting.  Each piece is lovingly handcrafted in our Glasgow workshop meaning that you receive a piece of jewellery finished to the highest standards which you can be as proud of as we are.
27 results
Large Orbit Pendant
From $162.00 $203.00
Orbit Drop Earrings
From $81.00 $102.00
Open Filigree Pendant
From $109.00 $136.00
Open Filigree Earrings
From $124.00 $155.00
Multiple Orbit Necklace
From $194.00 $242.00
Fleur Ring Pendant
From $183.00 $229.00
Fleur Pendant
From $89.00 $112.00
Fleur Hoop Earrings
From $97.00 $121.00
Filigree Pendant
From $60.00 $75.00
Fading Fleur Ring
From $81.00 $102.00
Crescent Filigree Pendant
From $91.00 $114.00
Straight Filigree Pendant
From $91.00 $114.00
Orbit Drop Pendant
From $99.00 $124.00
Filigree Earrings
From $65.00 $81.00
Filigree Brooch
From $104.00 $130.00
Euclid 2 Tone Ring
$113.00 $141.00
Euclid Necklace
$191.00 $239.00
Orbit Ring
From $97.00