Flight of Swallows
A collection of statement jewellery based on the movements of Swallows
Sgian Dubh
Classic and Contemporary Styles
Inspired by the noble deer that roam Scotland's hills.
A range of timeless Celtic designs for all occasions
Classic Celtic Design
Beautiful jewellery inspired by Celtic artwork you will want to wear every day.
Beautiful gemstones at the heart of these showstopping pieces

Handcrafted jewellery, made in Scotland

With over 75 years of history, we create stunning Scottish and Celtic jewellery.

Our team of skilled jewellers combine traditional artisanry with state-of-the-art equipment to create highly unique, beautifully crafted pieces in both Sterling Silver and pewter.

Each and every piece is handcrafted and made by us in Scotland.

Crafted With Care

Each and every piece by Celtic Art is handcrafted from start to finish in our workshop.

The video below gives a glimpse into some of the processes involved in making a Sterling Silver sgian dubh.

Handmade in Scotland
The Traditional Sgian Dubh
The Bespoke Process

The Bespoke Process

A short guide on the bespoke jewellery process.
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A Guide to Ring Sizing

A Guide to Ring Sizing

A quick guide to determining ring size.
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A brief history of the Sgian Dubh

A brief history of the Sgian Dubh

‘Sgian Dubh’ comes from Scottish Gaelic, literally translating to ‘black knife.’ Black being the colour of the the handle, and covertly, the concealment of the weapon. 
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